General Information

TGP Guidelines

Scheduled times for checking work will be known at time of registration.  TGP reserves the right to change its calendar, withdraw, modify a session of instruction or substitute its session at any time. TGP reserves the right to require the withdrawal of any student whose conduct is deemed unsuitable for the web site. 


TGP Web Page is our primary means of communication with students. It is their responsibility to keep up to date with email, phone and physical address for their account.  Your email and residence address is automatically added to our e-newsletter list so you don’t miss important news and updates. Registration in a session of TGP online includes our permission to photograph any student / and or their works, written word, musical works also which will be used in our online gallery.

 Our Mission

 The mission of TGP is three-fold, first to participatory sessions involving a core group of students physically, emotionally and intellectually.  Interact with their peers in presenting a collaborative effort.  Second, adopt poetry, music, artworks, story telling, rhyming, and photography and inspiring the desire to read.  Third, create original material revolving around their environment, and values pertinent to the lives of young people. Nurturing and empowering young artists through sponsoring the arts.  TGP is aware of a consciousness and compassion as an artistic community as students explore new ideas and generate dialogues concerning the online sessions in communicating with each other. 




TGP Stipend Assistance for The Arts Initiative / Scholarship

Scholarships awarded to primarily high school students pursuing a career in the arts. The following September from high school graduation enrolling in a 2 to 4 year acceptable program.  Failure to prove enrollment within 60 days of the award date, may result in forfeiting their award for the scholarship / stipend funds.

Awards Distributed (musical instruments)

Musical instruments will be awarded once a year for junior high and high school students already taking musical lessons.  If student have a musical instrument, that student will have a stipend for several lessons for that year.  All stipends for music lessons are continuance with the student maintaining proof of their attendance with their instructor.  Approval of distributing a musical instrument or stipend for music lessons will be upon amount of funds available with TGP.